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Learn the secrets to improving your Spartan Race and other Obstacle Course Race performance from the best SGX coaches across the country. Discover their best training methods to dominate obstacles and avoid burpees.
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Dec 28, 2017

With 2017 ending now is the time to plan ahead for your 2018 race schedule and to gain insight on how you should approach your training for the best year yet.

In this episode I share research on how Twitter can effect your race performance and some practical tips on how to maximize your sleep for recovery.

In our coaches's corner I have on SGX Coach Matt Bouback with Power Combat Fitness.  Former college wrestler turned fat guy turned OCR Athlete and Coach Matt has seen every aspect of change in his 20+years as an athlete coach and trainer. He started my career in the health and fitness industry in college when he got my personal training certificate. In the beginning he worked mostly with clients that were in the infancy of their fitness.   Matt went from wrestling 134lbs in college to weighing close to 250lbs in about short span of two years. Living in hotels, eating like crap, and drinking as much booze he could get his hands on, almost cost his life and marriage.

Since the very first race Matt has been hooked. He spent the better part of the last 3-4 years learning everything possible about Endurance Athletes and Competing in this environment. Not being a runner himself,  he went from finishing at the middle of the pack in most races to finishing 5th at World Championships in 2016 in his age. Since his run in OCR begun he have been blessed to walk through some doors that have opened. Matt owns certifications in many areas from Nutrition to Performance and has worked with many athletes locally and around the world, which is supported with passion in this sport.

Coach Matt shares his insight into the biggest training mistakes he sees OCR athletes make, how to create a complete and balanced training program, his takes on mobility training and why you might want to toss the foam roller, and his secret recovery and sleep enhancement tool.


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Nov 26, 2017

After some time off due to travel, I'm back and ready to talk all about OCR Training.  With 2017 coming to a close I discuss the importance of looking back at your performance to help you look ahead for next year.  And how sometimes what you take out of your program is just as important as what you put in it.

In this episode SGX Coach Alison Rosales gives a great Spartan Race recap for the Big Bear Beast and Sprint.

In our research review I discuss foam rolling.  I talk about what foam rolling actually does for you plus we look at a really cool study examine the difference between foam rolling and using a vibrating foam roller.  Is it worth the hype and the extra cash?  Find out here.

And finally I interview SGX Coach Sarah Pozdol.  Sarah is a mother, a coach, author and competitive athlete. Born and raised in Oregon, Sarah was exposed to fitness and athletics at a young age. She grew up watching her mother guide people in the fitness industry and personally excelled in softball, volleyball and track.

It wasn’t until her mid-twenties after having two children that Sarah realized her deep love for inspiring others. Through her projects, she has been able to apply her passion and knowledge of the dynamic training methods used in such sports as Obstacle Course Racing and CrossFit.

Sarah is the creator of Couch2Course, an 8 week program designed to prepare an unseasoned obstacle racer for their first races.  As an athlete she has landed a top the podium in both CrossFit and Obstacle Course Racing.

In this interview Sarah discusses some of her training philosophies for OCR Training and share some great and inspiring stories with some of clients and how they overcame adversities.  She discusses more about her knew book and how it can help you prep for your next race.  Her program has an incredible workout plan with online videos and support system in place to help you along the way.


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Oct 20, 2017

As usual this episode and webpage are filled with more gems to help you train smarter for your next OCR.  It's time to finish the 2017 season strong and get ready to start planning for 2018.



In this episode SGX Coach Juan Pablo Arias from Mexico is on to give a great race recap for the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, CA.  He helps us relive a great race event and gives some tips for training for it next year.

In my research review, I discuss one of the most common nutrition deficiencies in the country.  Iron deficiency is a huge problem that can dramatically reduce endurance performance.  Iron is a critical element for generating new red blood cells and hemoglobin and iron rich protein.  When iron deficiency is present, appropriate oxygen levels required for working muscles is not possible.  Paying attention to your nutrition will allow for maximal iron absorption.  In this research I explain what types of food to consume with iron and which to avoid.


Finally, in our coach's interview, I have on Dan Shamburg with Shift Fitness.

Daniel completed his Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology  from the University of Tennessee. Before moving to San Diego, Daniel was an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteer Strength and Conditioning departme



Daniel owns Shift Fitness, a group fitness and strength & conditioning business in Carlsbad, CA.

His passion is endurance running.

Daniel's Recent Accomplishments

  • Last Annual Vol State Road Race, 314 miles (500k), July 2016, 5 days 2 hours 57 minutes. 8th Overall
  • San Diego 100-mile Endurance Run, June 2016 & June 2
  • Pacific Crest Trail 50-mile Run, May 2015 & 2016 & 2017
  • Badwater Salton Sea (81-miles), May 2017
  • Big Dog Backyard Ultra Run, (upcoming October 21, 2017)

In this interview Dan explains what metabolic testing is, the information you will find, and how to use it for a more effective training program.   We discuss what high intensity training really means and why you need to focus on low intensity training as well.

Bottom line, if you are just randomly going out on runs and p

ushing yourself every time you are out there, you need to listen to this interview.


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Sep 26, 2017

With Tahoe just around the corner and more challenging races up ahead, we have you covered with some amazing training and prep tips for your next race.  

In this episode, I just got back from running the Spartan Beast in Killington, VT and share a few takeaways from the race.  If you are worried about hills, then tune in to this one.  

We also have SGX Coach John Hayley on with Unbreakable Fitness to give the full Spartan Race Recap after running the Ultra Beast in Vermont.  

In our research review I talk all about an article discussing the effects of altitude on the body like VO2 Max and sleep.  But more importantly I leave you with a few tips on what you can do to reduce the negative effects of altitude on your race performance.  

And finally I have on the Godfather of the Spartan SGX Program, Dr. Jeff Godin.  Dr. J is a fellow UCONN alumni that currently is a professor at Fitchburg State University in Sport and Exercise Science as well as the head Strength and Conditioning Coach.  

Dr. J is a veteran ultra endurance athlete and responsible for working with Joe Desena and Joe Di to create was is now known as the Spartan SGX Certification.  They have done an amazing job, helping other coaches learn the strategies to best train their clients for Spartan Races.  

In this interview Dr. J shares his insight on dealing wth cold and hypothermia.  He shares his insight on how hypothermia effects the body, early warning signs, plus gives some great tips on how you can prepare yourself for racing in the cold.  

If you are racing in Lake Tahoe you will love this episode or any other races in cold or altitude.  

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Sep 12, 2017

In this episode, go inside Coach Mike's Mind and learn the different strategies to conquer the Twister obstacle.  Should you go forwards, sideways, backwards?  Learn the best tips to get through this twister and never look back.  

SGX Coach Jono Blodgett, is on to give a race recap on the Spartan Hawaii Beast from a few weeks ago.  

In our research review, I discuss a brand new study that uses Heart Rate Variability to predict injuries in crossfit athletes.   HRV is one of the best ways to monitor your recovery and status of your central nervous system.  This study further shows why it is such an important number to track.  

And finally SGX Coach and RD Anne L'Heureux is back to give an amazing outline of your race day fueling.  In this segment she reviews what you should focus on 2-5 days out from your race.  She discusses how to taper and carb load properly, the importance of adding a strict electrolyte drink 2 days before the race, the right type of carbs to eat the day before your race, and finally day of strategies to help you perform your best.  

These tips you do not want to miss.  Make sure you aren't just training hard for your next race, but also that you have a solid nutrition plan to maximize your training.  

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Aug 30, 2017

We're Baaaack!  With a brief pause in the show I am excited to get this latest episode up and out to help you trainer smarter for your next OCR.  If you like saving money on OCR's, Spartan is running a pretty sweet promo right now.  Use the code below to get 25% of your next race.

Save 25% off all US Spartan Races (2017 + 2018)! Use Code: SUMMER25. Valid through 9/4/17. Get Started!

Now for this weeks episode.  After recently getting back from Hawaii and running the Spartan Trifecta weekend, I talk about some the challenges and obstacles faced with these races, although the full race recap will be in our next episode.

Coach CJ Wagner from provides a full race recap for the new Spartan Time Trial held in Austin, TX a little while back.  This is a really cool new race that Spartan is putting out and CJ gives some great insight here.

In our research review I talk about 2 different studies looking at swollen knees, and why you may think twice before working out with even a little bit of swelling in your knees.

And finally in our Coaches's Corner I have on SGX Coach Joseph Bautista.  We switch gears a bit in this interview and talk about youth fitness and sports.  With issues in youth sports and childhood obesity on the rise, I thought it was crucial that we get an expert on to discuss different ways to get kids involved in moving more.

Joseph talks about his passion for working with kids and helping them develop.  He discusses some short comings with school PE programs and talks about different ways to help standards kids development and progression.

He shares his thoughts on teaching self discipline, dealing with failure, participation trophies, letting kids learn on their own, and much much more.  If you have kids or work with kids you will definitely want to check out this interview.


The full show notes available here:


Aug 3, 2017

Welcome to the OCR Underground Show, your ultimate resource to help you better prepare for your next Spartan, Tough Mudder, or any other OCR.

With the Hawaii Trifecta weekend in a few days, many Spartans are going to push their bodies and minds to the limit.  Often past their limit which may lead to issues down the road.

In this episode I have on Brandon Marcello to talk about a recent email he sent to me, about some simple tips to help me out for this race.  These tips were so amazing that I had to get him on and go into further detail about it.

He discusses what the first thing you MUST do as soon as you finish the race to start the recovery process, how to properly use contrast therapy before and after a race, the best way to stretch after a race, how to stimulate your central nervous system when you have heavy legs, simple nutrition tips to recover and fuel, plus much more.  You don't want to miss this one if you plan on hitting multiple races in on weekend.

About Brandon:

With over 20-years experience in the performance enhancement industry, Brandon Marcello, PhD brings innovation, education, and proven application to the world of sports performance, health, fitness and wellness.

As a high-performance strategist, he takes forward-thinking organizations and elite athletes to the next level of their game - and careers.  Having extensive involvement in both the applied and research worlds, he has implemented successful, high performance training programs for professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes.  Continuing his work with the U.S. Department of Defense and Draper Labs, Brandon has recently been tasked with defining the future of soldier performance.

Serving as the Director of Sports Performance at Stanford University, Marcello’s role was to oversee all aspects of athletic performance enhancement for the 36 intercollegiate sports. Acting as the chief administrator for the Sports Performance Department, Marcello's responsibilities included, but were not limited to, designing facilities and equipment layout, strategic planning. developing nutritional and recovery strategies, overseeing staff development, directing methodology and driving innovation. During his seven years at Stanford, Marcello initiated cross-department collaboration with many of Stanford’s academic departments, including, but not limited to the Stanford Sleep Center, Center for Longevity, bio-engineering, Residential and dining enterprises, Stanford surgery, Hoover Institute, and the neuroscience department.  He was the creator of the highly-acclaimed Performance Based Dining concept that has been successfully implemented since 2011, and has received national media attention (See Sports Illustrated, November 7, 2011 among others) and numerous awards.

Marcello holds a PhD in Sports Nutrition from Baylor University, and an MS and BS in Exercise Science from Marshall University.

A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Marcello is also recognized as an RSCC*D by the same organization.  He also holds two certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).  Additionally he also maintains two certifications through U.S.A. Weightlifting.


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Jul 19, 2017

This week we have another great episode to help you train smarter for your next OCR.  In this episode, I give you my tip of the week on how my wife figured out a simple trick to make your next barbed wire crawl alittle more pleasant.

SGX Coach Brad Sims is on to give a race recap to the Goliathon Race held last month.  This is an incredibly descriptive summary of all 12 of the obstacles that were in the race.  This sounds like a fun race if you are on the East coast.  There will be another one coming up this fall you can sign up for.

In our research review, I discuss inspiratory muscle training.  This unique resisted breathing training has been shown to lead to a variety of performance enhancements.  In this study we see how IMT may improve running performance when performed daily and as part of your warm up routine.

This week coach's interview, we have on Michael Mullin from Integrated Fitness Training.  I had the please of hosting a workshop earlier this year, where Michael provided incredibly useful and eye opening information and training/rehab strategies.  The focus of this training was on breathing, but we also got into many applicable training principles.

In this interview he explains why breathing should not be overlooked and how it is the foundation of everything we do.  He discusses the different physiological, biochemical, and postural effects of proper and improper breathing and simple ways you can incorporate breathing into your training.  While many focus on exhaling during exertion, we talk about all of the other breathing strategies that you need to consider.

We get into why Michael doesn't like the term posture and how positioning is the key.  We discuss positioning and breathing during many common exercises like squatting and pull ups.  Even how many posture cues you have heard, may be making your posture even worse.  We also talk about technique for running and even monkey bars, to maximize performance and to keep you moving more efficiently.

All this and much more in this weeks episode.


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Jul 3, 2017

As always, we have another great episode to help you crush your next Spartan Race or other OCR with smarter more effective training and nutrition programs.  

In this episode, get my tip of the week to help you avoid unnecessary burpees on your next race.  We have a complete Spartan Race Boise Sprint recap from this past weekend.  

In our research review I discuss two common periodization programs.  If you are still going from workout to workout with no plan, it is time to wake up and get with the program.  This research looks at block periodization and weekly undulating periodization.  Find out which one won the head to head battling in this study and showed better strength, muscle growth, and fat loss.  

And finally in our coaches corner, I have on SGX Coach and RD Anne L'Heureux with Spartan SGX BFD.  Coach Anne has been killing her races this year and shares some of her new training and nutrition strategies.  

She discusses the importance of building a strong aerobic base and build your endurance from.  We get into the importance of hiring a coach to look at your strengths and weaknesses and truly see your progress and how to pick the best distance to be competitive in.  We also talk about new nutrition strategies that are allowing her to use her carbohydrate intake as super fuel for her workouts and racing.  Anne has a unique perspective to maximize metabolic efficiency to burn fat and carbohydrates to their fullest potential.  

She discusses her opinions on the best diet plan for the obstacle course racer and simple steps to help you get started with.  Need help with your nutrition program?  Reach out to Anne through her link below for more info.  

Anne's results speak for themselves and this is a must listen to interview for any serious OCR athlete.  


Complete show notes:


Jun 21, 2017

In this episode we have a few great training tips to assist you with your next race.  First up we have on SGX Coach Sam Slosman with Synners OCR to give the Monterey Spartan Super and Hurricane Heat race recap.  He shares some insight into the course and gives some great advice if you plan on trying a HH this year.   Check out the Woodworking Spartan here:

In our research review I discuss a great journal review all about squatting.  Even though you have probably performed this exercise thousands of reps, there is always something new you can learn or ways to do it better.  

This review breaks down the squat at every joint as well as a number of different variations.  I discuss some key points you should pay attention to at the ankle, the knee, and the hips.  Plus I give 5 practical take aways that you can apply to your squatting immediately.  

In our Coaches Interview segment, I have on Level 2 SGX Coach Brad Sims from Legacy Athletic Club in New Jersey.  Coach Brad has a background in obstacle course training, corrective exercise, and works with a physical therapy clinic which gives him great insights into common compensations that runners development and other injury prevention techniques.  

Brad gives us insight into his training programs he uses with his clients.  Plus we get into the importance of body weight training, key movement patterns, and common compensations that he sees.  Don't miss the great resource for runners that he gives below.  He also touches on how to train without having access to obstacles and even training that you can do at work.  

All that plus much more in this episode.


The complete show notes are available at


Jun 7, 2017

In this episode we ask one of the most important questions you might be afraid to ask yourself, "Are your workouts making your worse."  A common trend in fitness, is to push ourselves with disregard to what it might be doing to our bodies.  There is a balance between intense workout and maximum function and performance.  

In our research review I discuss how despite being pain free, your shoulder may be a ticking time bomb.  I explain the findings a 3 research studies that show how even if you have no shoulder pain, you might be completely jacked up.  

And finally in our coaches's interview, I have on Coach Bonnie Spartan from Fitness Without Limits.  Bonnie is known for being an OCR all-star.  You will find her at just about every race out there.  As we expand our topic of other Obstacle Course Races, I wanted to bring in an expert to discuss all the different options out there.  We touch on the most common OCR's you will find on the West Coast and what you can expect if you sign up for one.  


Complete Show Notes:


May 26, 2017

Need help training for your next OCR?  We have everything you need here.  We review up to date research and training tips from some of the top coaches out there.  

In this episode you get a two for one.  We have the Ohio Beast and Sprint Spartan Race Recap as well as the Citi Field Stadium Recap.  I also review an ancient memory technique that will help you never fail the memory obstacle again.  If you have failed this one in the past, you know how frustrating it is to do unneeded burpees.  This simple drill will give you the tools you need to nail the obstacle and probably never forget your code again.  

We also have SGX Coach Mike Confer from MROC Training in Oceanside, CA.  Mike was on our show just a few weeks ago but we wanted to get him back in to go over the Citi Field race plus talk about some great training tips to help you better prepare for a Spartan Stadium Race.  Mike has done quite a few races and gives some great insight whether you are running at the elite level, or just having fun with your first race.  

Mike talks about the different obstacles you will see in a stadium race that you won't see in a typical Spartan Race.  He reviews how even obstacles you do see in a normal race aren't exactly the same and need to be performed differently, like the Herc Hoist.  He explains how to prepare for running downstairs quickly, and weaving through aisles.  He even breaks down his training plan to show you what your cross training days look like, track workouts, and obstacle specific days.  This is a complete resource for prepping for your next stadium race.  



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May 16, 2017

In this episode, get a Spartan Race Recap for the NJ Beast.  SGX Jono Blodgett is on to give a complete summary of the race and how to train for this this one in the future.  

In our research review, I discuss interval training.  Specifically we review a study that looks at different methods for comparing the best way to determine how long you should rest between sprints.  The results were a little surprising to me.  

And finally in our coaches's corner, I have on SGX Coach and Wordworker, Sam Slosman.  Sam has his Bachelors degree from Fresno State, in Kinesiology: Exercise Science. He ran his first race in 2015 and fell in love with the sport instantly. He has dedicated his life to figuring out the most efficient way to conquer any obstacle in your life. Sam also loves to test his mind and body both physical and mentally by completing Endurance events that last from 4hr to 12hrs.  Sam is a Spartan Obstacle Specialist, specializes in functional training, and a skilled woodworker.  

Sam reviews how he sets up in OCR training program.  He discusses in great detail how he organizes his different workouts from endurance training, strength work, and skill development.  He discusses some of his favorite strategies for helping his clients better prep for the unknown element in racing to help them better prepare for anything they might face.  Sam explains how he sets up his obstacles in his programs for a more race stimulated workout.  And finally he gives some tips in case you want to try and build some of your own obstacles.  

All that and more in this episode.  


Complete show notes:


May 5, 2017

The OCR Underground Show is a weekly podcast that educates you on the latest research and training methods of some of the top coaches in the world.  These tips will help you take your OCR training to the next level.

In this episode we talk with SGX Coach Bryan The Ginger on the Epic Series.  Bryan just got back from filming for the Spartan Race Ultimate Team Challenge, but had the time to stop by and give us a recap of the LA Epic Series event that just happened, plus gives some tips for prepping for your first Epic Race.

In our research review, I discuss static stretching.  While static stretching is often forgotten or shunned due to it effect on power, it is still an integral part of a training plan.  This research shows that static stretching actually can increase power development before exercise, when you do it the right way.  Plus I give some take away tips and practical applications to incorporating stretching to maximize function and performance.

And in our Coaches's Corner we have on SGX Coach and elite racer Mike Confer from MROC training in Oceanside, CA.  MROC is a unique training facility that have many obstacles you would find in a typical OCR race plus some things you would see on American Ninja Warrior.  While they specialize in OCR training they work with any individuals looking to improve their health and move better.  

Coach Mike’s fitness journey began in Okinawa, Japan as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor. His passion for coaching and healthy living continued through college as a Personal Trainer, reaching a peak in 2011 when he discovered Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). This new sport demanded a training regimen that challenged his body with explosive movements while creating dynamic speed and lasting endurance, requiring him to develop a uniquely stimulating program for hybrid athletes like himself.

Mike shares his insights on how to create a complete program.  He discusses the importance of polarized training, how to incorporate both high intensity workouts with low intensity training, proper activation and mobility drills to start a workout, training for a stadium series, and much more.  

Complete Show Notes at


Apr 24, 2017

I’m baaack!  After a brief pause in my podcast I am back with an all new name.  The show is not the OCR Underground Show, but we are still providing you great Spartan Race Training tips, plus other OCR strategies.  My apologize for the delay but we are back and better than ever.  Technically this is show 1 of the OCR Underground, but for an easy transition I am just going to keep the episode number going.

In this episode, the always energetic and motivating Coach Josh Graves, with Fitness On Fire,  is on to give a Spartan Race Recap of the San Jose Super and Sprint from a few weeks ago.   I talk about the importance of grip strength and how it relates to your shoulder function.  Obviously, you already know how important grip strength is for your training, but did you know how it effects your rotator cuff strength and how your rotator cuff effects your grip?  Some pretty cool research that helps give you some insight on to the best way to improve your grip.

And in our Coaches’s Corner, I have SGX Coach and RD Anne L’Heureux on to take a deep dive into a few hot nutrition topics.  Coach L’Heureux and I have a great conversation on our thoughts on topics such as carbs vs. fats for fueling, prioritizing and progressing your nutrition plan, how the body adapts to what foods you put in it, metabolic testing, and how your nutrition plan should vary based on your training and lifestyle you are living.   Coach Anne helps clear up some of the confusion with nutrition and gives some awesome tips to evaluate yourself in order to set up your nutrition plan for better results.

All this plus much more in this weeks episode.


Full Show Notes:



Apr 20, 2017

Sorry for the delay in any new podcast episodes.  I am changing the name of the show to the OCR Underground Show.  We will be back shortly.  Thanks for your support and patience.  


Mike Deibler MS, CSCS, SGX
OCR Underground

Apr 5, 2017

This episode we have more great tips and strategies to help give you an unfair advantage in your next Spartan Race with some awesome training advice.

In this episode we have Brooke Bowen, with RFT Coaching, who gives us a Spartan Race Recap of the Vegas Super Weekend.

In our research review I discuss variable resistance training.  This involves using equipment that changes resistance as you perform an exercise.  This is an incredible effective tool for building strength and power.  Plus it is a perfect way to change up your program if you have never done anything like this.  I discuss of few studies that show how effective it is and explain more about how you can apply it to your training.

And finally in our SGX Coach's interview, I have on Andi Hardy with Wired 4 Life.  Andi has been an Elite Obstacle Course Racer since 2012 and has multiple top three finishes.  Outside of the obstacle course racing world she has several 5K top three finishes, two triathlon top three finishes, and a 10 mile race top three finish.

Not only does she love to race and compete, but  loves fitness in general. She gave up a career as an educator to work in the fitness industry. She worked as a coach for the Spartan Race Workout Tour for two years and lead workouts across the country to large groups of people.  The participants vary from beginners to advanced athletes.  She also coaches and trains individuals and groups outside of Spartan Race through her business called Wired4Life.

In this episode Andi shares her story of climbing out of a very dark place and finding Spartan Racing and fitness  to inspire her and others.  She had a million excuses to not be successful, but she just ignored them and push through until she reached her goal.  

We all have those times where we feel down on ourselves and our situation.  Andi shares some of her tips on how you can pick yourself up and reach your goals no matter what.  

Full show notes:



Mar 24, 2017

In this episode we provide you with awesome insights and strategies to help you crush your next Spartan Race.

I recently got back from the Vegas Super and gave a brief overview of some things I noticed about this course and what seems to be the trend for 2017.

We have on Coach CJ Wagner with to give us a Spartan Race Recap of the Houston Sprint and Hurricane Heat.  If you like being dragged through the barb wire crawl, this race might be for you.

In our research review I discuss how you can heal your ripped hands quicker with this powerful house hold item.  According to one research article we discussed it may work faster and be more effective than medical gels.

SGX Coach and RD Anne L'Heureux is back on to finish her two part series on the 10 biggest lies and 5 truths that everyone believes about nutrition.  In this episode she discusses one of the big truths and how you can apply it.

And finally we have on SGX Coach Mark Barroso from  Mark is an athlete turned jounalist/writer, turned Spartan racer and coach.  Mark shares his path to becoming a fitness writer and Spartan Coach.  He shares his experience performing back to back races like the Sprint followed by the Hurricane Heat and some of his common nutrition and supplement strategies to properly fuel and recovery from the races.

He is a body builder that perform races as a hobby.  Unlike many of our other guest he still trains like a body builder, but adds Spartan specific training in so he doesn't have to give up the workouts he loves to perform.

All this plus much more in this episode.


Complete Show Notes:


Mar 13, 2017

In this episode SGX Coach Mark Barrosso, with, gives a Spartan Race Recap of the Greek Peak Winter Race.  He discusses both the Sprint and the Hurricane Heat.

In our research review, learn about how you should be distributing your intensity.  Train hard all the time, moderate, easy..?  We looks at what the research is saying about what training zone you should be spending most of your time.  You might be surprised at the answer.

SGX Coach and RD Anne L'Heureux is on fresh off her 2nd place finish at the Greek Peak Sprint.  She goes over what has helped her pick her training up and discusses a recent article she wrote for Spartan Race, 10 Lies Everyone Believe About Dieting (Plus 5 Truths).  This is part I where she discusses of few of the lies.

And finally in our SGX Coaches's interview, I talk with Coach Chris Judy from RFT Coaching.

Chris comes from an endurance sports and military background. He raced bicycles for 20 years, competing in both the US and Europe. After that career, went to the military,  spent 10 years serving our country and deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Chris trained and deployed next to some of the fittest men on the planet, and it's that experience, knowledge and mindset that he can bring to everyday life with RFT Coaching.

Currently he competes in obstacle course races, snowboard, rock climb, trail run, hike our beautiful mountains, and of course train for it all in the gym.

If you need help organizing your training program for endurance performance you will not want to miss this interview.  He discusses his Endurance Pyramid and walks you step by step through his programming for elite level athletes.  He discusses how strength training should be incorporated, and why many will train for obstacles wrong.

All that, plus much more in this episode.


Complete Show Notes:


Mar 3, 2017

Thanks to our sponsors of the Underground SGX show.  Check them out to learn more about how their products might help with your training program:


Designer Protein  Use code SDPREMIER20 to save 20%


In this episode, we review the second Spartan race of the year, the Arizona Sprint and Super.  SGX Coach Allison Krumker, for Phoenix Evolution OCR Training, is on to fill you in on all the details from this past weekends race in case you missed it.  

In our research review we talk about tapering and how it has been shown to boost performance when done correctly.  A proper tapering program can lead to physiological adaptations that leave you primed for a personal best.  You will definitely want to try this out before your next race.  

In our SGX Coaches's interview, we have on Coach and Spartan Pro Team member Kevin Donoghue.  Kevin is all over the place in the Spartan world.  He was a NBC Spartan Team Challenge Coach, Trainer for the new Daily Burn Spartan Workouts, and 64 Time Podium finisher (and still growing).  

Coach Donoghue give is insight on to some of his success in Spartan Race Training.  We talk about how he got involved with Spartan Races, how you should plan your week leading up to the race, what to do if you are running back to back races over a weekend, his workouts with Daily Burn and a whole lot more.  

He provides incredible insight into training and nutrition.  You won't want to miss this episode.



The complete show notes are available here:

Feb 25, 2017

Helping you dominate you next Spartan Race with tips from some of the best SGX Coaches.  

In this episode learn how low glycogen stores (carbs) before a workout can actually improve your endurance.  Just make sure you are doing it right.  Learn the research behind this type of nutrient timing.  

Also, learn about intermittent fasting and a great app to help you track your fasts and export all your data. Best of all it is free.  

In our SGX interview we are with one of the Spartan Race Krypteia, Steffan Cook, AKA Cookie.  Cookie, along with being a Spartan Race Krypteia and organizing the Hurricane Heats, is part of Team SISU, Spartan Endurance, and have a podcast of his own.  

Cookie shares what goes into putting together a HH, what you need to do to be prepared to complete a HH, and how being the best athlete isn't what is important when doing one.  With over 70 OCR's under his belt Cookie has a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to endurance training and racing.  He shares some of his most important tips to make sure you are ready for anything that is thrown at you.  


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Feb 17, 2017

In this episode we talk all about muscle cramping.  The idea of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance might not be the best cause of this common problem.  If you are one who experiences chronic muscle cramps you definitely want to check this one out.  Learn why muscle cramps happen and what you can do about it based on some newer research.

In our resource of the week I provide you will some good tips on what you can do in race or during your workout to help prevent or eliminate any cramping.  With these simple tips you might avoid some painful races and not have a cramp completely ruin your race day.  

In our SGX Coaches's interview I have on Coach Robin Legat from Power Jam Fitness.  Here's a quick word from Coach Robin:

Robin is the owner of Power Jam Fitness, providing group fitness, online training and coaching for people seek to live a life where age, size or background is no limit to what they are able to accomplish. 

She earned a Certificate in Fitness Instruction from UCLA Extension in 2012 and currently holds the titles of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She is also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach.

Learn some of Coach Robin's best tips and insights into Spartan Race Training.  She talks about how to step up your game and go from the open heats to your first elite heat, and shares some valuable lessons she learned during her first elite race.  She also gives some strategies for any Master's athletes on how to stay young, stay fresh, and stay competitive.  And finally she talks about different ways to train in case you don't have a course set up in your backyard, but still prepare from obstacles.  

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Feb 9, 2017

In this episode learn all about concurrent training and what the research is showing.  Concurrent training means doing your cardio work and strength work at the same time.  Much of the research shows these two types of training interfere with each other.  Learn how to do both but still not see a decrease in performance.  

SGX Coach Robin Legat, from Power Jam Fitness, give us a recap of the first Spartan races of the year in SoCal for the Super and Sprint.  Learn what the course is like and what you have in store for 2017.  

And finally we have on SGX Coach Nicole Kifer from Platinum Personal Training in our SGX Coaches's interview.  Nicole’s number one passion is helping others; and more specifically, improving one’s state of mind through fitness. “If you’re not happy, you’re not healthy!” Watching the child obesity epidemic first-hand growing up, she knew this was a way that she could help make a positive impact in many lives. Nicole deals with exercise induced headaches and scoliosis, but she didn’t let that stop her from staying healthy. At 16, her chiropractor recommended weight training to strengthen her back. She immediately hired a personal trainer and got hooked! Since becoming a personal trainer in 2007 she has worked with a wide range of clientele including weight loss clients, weight gain, pre-post pregnancy, athletes, mature adults, disabled, post-injury, post-surgery, and people with eating disorders. Nicole specializes in functional and corrective exercise, as well as obstacle and race preparation and nutrition. “Once you have a strong core and a solid foundation, possibilities are infinite!”

Coach Nicole shares her experience in running a 12 Hour Hurricane Heat.  She gives you an inside look on what you can expect, plus some great training tips and nutrition tips to keep you lasting the whole time.  

Also, she explains her favorite grip training exercise routine plus nutrition strategies to help maximize your performance.  


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Jan 31, 2017

In this episode learn my top 5 recovery strategies that will dramatically reduce your risk of injury please help you break through plateaus and see massive improvements in your performance.  

Learn how you might be stuck in the recovery cycle and never really see any true gains from your workout program.  While recovery strategies might not be the sexiest topic in training, if you aren't paying attention to it you are falling behind.  

This episode will teach you the fundamentals in want you must be doing to get the most out of your workouts.  

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Jan 24, 2017

In this episode learn tips and strategies to help better prepare for your next Spartan Race.  Learn about a training app to track all of your training activities.  It gives you live feedback on your training, heart rate, intensity, and progress.  This app provides incredible feedback to help you understand your training and determine if you are making the right progress.  

Also, learn the research behind rhythmic breathing and its effect on running.  Rhythmic or cadence breathing refers to timing your breathes with each step while running.  Learn the physiological and psychological benefits of this breathing strategy and how it can help make you a better, more efficient runner.  

In our SGX Coaches's interview, I talk with Coach Bryan Ginger Spartan.  Coach Bryan is the co-owner for Fitness Without Limits.  Him and his partner Coach Bonnie Spartan are living and embracing the Spartan Lifestyle.  Bryan shares his story how he was in his 20's and pre-diabetic, suffering from high blood pressure, exhaustion, and a host of other health issues.  He took control and lost over 100lbs and eventually found Spartan Racing.  

Coach Bryan's passion is undeniable, and you will learn some incredible insight and tactics to help you with your training.  Coach explain how Spartan Racing can play a role in your weight loss journey, how to eat for weight loss and performance, how to be a better runner when you struggle at it, planning for the 2017 race season, and lessons he learned from being on Season 4 of the Bone Skull Challenge.  Learn this and a whole lot more in this episode.


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